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Our trip to Arizona, Christmas 2003

These are some great photos we took on our trip to Arizona at the end of December 2003.  Click each thumbnail for a larger image.

Matt pops a wheelie


Stacie on her quad

Stacie ready to tear it up

Peg, Betty and Jerry watch the kids ride

Matt, Jerry and Betty

Old Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) building

Another view

Just walls remain

Jim in the window

Ray, Pat, Jerry, Ace, Wendy and Nancy

The 6 Stooges

Everyone but Jerry

Jerry was off galavanting with Jim


Ace and Peg

CinnaBear, Peg and Betty

Dawn shows us her foot

Old rock stars :)

Jerry smiles

Dawn and Wendy

Jerry in the easy chair

Big cards for old people

LeRay, Pat and Stacie

Jerry, Stacie and Betty

Jerry teaches us a cool dice game

Peg, Nancy and Betty

Stacie and the pooch

Stacie and Peg

Wendy and her baby

Great photo!

Jerry and three sisters

Clay Knolls just outside of Pima, AZ

Capstone on top of clay, beautiful!

Beautiful blue sky behind the capstone

A chunk of capstone that fell and wedged in the clay

Natural amphitheatre

Jim in the foreground


The light was good in this shot

A big chunk ready to fall

Lots of deep chasms

This is the back side of the Knolls. Almost looks like an old Indian dwelling

Jim carving his initials in the sandstone

JN was here!

Jerry's Jeep

Jerry enjoys a good smoke

Living on the edge


I've fallen and I can't get out!

Jerry and his ride

Jerry is by the monolith

Jim chillin'


I can't believe I did this!

Jim on the edge

Hang loose baby!

What a face!

Jim's shadow on the wall


Inside looking out

Great colors

Looking up

Dawn the mountain goat (man can she climb!)

Dawn on the capstone

Dawn climbing

ILYPA under the cap

I Love You Peggy Ann!

Jerry takes it all in

Jerry poses

Three mountain goats

Jim and Jerry hangin' out

My pretty Peggy Ann

Peg, Dawn and Wendy

Peg, Jerry and Wendy

Peg and Wendy

Looks like a '70's album cover huh?

Peg, Wendy, Jerry and Dawn

Wendy, Jim and Jerry

Glen Canyon Dam (Lake Powell is really low!)

Glen Canyon Dam

Lake Powell (on the way home)

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