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This page features some really funny stuff we've come across over the years.  Just click each link and have fun!  (Text and photo pages are optimized for your printing enjoyment)


  • BK Guy Christmas Carol  This one's seasonal and will be gone soon so enjoy it.  It's like being a kid at a funeral.  You don't want to laugh but you can't help it.  Hilariously offensive humor from Patrick Quinn.
  • Deteriorata  Classic spoof of "Desiderata" from the kids at National Lampoon magazine.
  • Corporate Bullshit Generator  This is great stuff from  Perfect for today's busy executive.  Install it on your laptop and use it in those board (bored?) meetings.
  • 5 Minute De-stress & Relaxation  Send this to your friends at work, they'll really appreciate it.  Or not.  Another offering from
  • Dave Barry Column Generator  Like Dave B's style?  Now you can personalize your own Dave Barry column.  Thanks to Bennett Haselton for this little gem.
  • URL Dialect Converter  Just plug in your favorite web site address (preferably one with lots of text), select the dialect you want then prepare to blow snot bubbles.  You can even "dialectize" your own text.
  • Salmon Commercial  One of the funniest commercials we've ever seen.  Fairly large file (389Kb) so right click and "Save Target As" if you have a slow connection.  It's worth the wait.
  • The Brigham Brougham  Classic Utah humor.
  • How To Wash The Cat  I usually delete the "hilarious" e-mails but this one from my brother Rob made it into my funny file.  Amaze your friends!
  • They Fight Crime!  He's a sword-wielding voodoo rock star with a robot buddy named Sparky. She's a virginal bisexual mercenary living homeless in New York's sewers. They fight crime! 

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