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Our cruise to the Eastern Caribbean Oct 23-30, 2004

The most amazing vacation of our lives!  We stopped in Nassau, the Bahamas, Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas, San Juan, Puerto Rico and Labadee, Hispaniola.  Next year we're doing the Western Caribbean!  Click any thumbnail for a larger image.

Peg makes calls as we leave Miami

One of the pilot boats escorting us from Miami

Every night a different animal made from towels! This was a bunny

A dog with my sunglasses

Cute, huh?

This night it was an elephant. I forgot to get a picture of the monkey hanging from a clothes hanger!

Lots of music all over the ship

Off the bow of the ship

A shot of the horizon

A tanker in the distance

Big wake from the ship

A full casino on board

The ship's control tower

Dawn, Peg, Wendy and Betty on the deck

Jerry, Betty, Wendy and Peg

Look at the blue skies!

After dinner cigar

Peg enjoys the ocean

Pretty girl

She still takes my breath away!

Happy couple!

My first Cuban cigar, a Cohiba robusto. Yummy!

Proud Cohiba smoker

Doing what I love

Windblown on the deck

Enjoying one of my Cohibas

Peg takes a break

The chandelier in the dining room

The entrance to the dining room

Frances hugs Aunt Peg

Frances, Peg and Julie

A restored Bugatti on the Royal Promenade of the ship

Peg and the Bugatti

Jim, Peg, Betty and Jerry in St. Thomas

So much beautiful original art aboard the ship

My sweet baby girl

Peg gets ready for a nice nap

The full moon from the deck

When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that's amore!

Relaxing on the deck after dinner

Peg, Michelle and Wendy

One of several pools aboard ship


One of many bars aboard ship

The Royal Promenade runs down the center of the ship and is more than a football field long!

A beautiful glass sculpture on the Promenade

Another shot of the Promenade

Jim on the deck in San Juan

Shuffleboard anyone?

The solarium, our favorite outdoor hangout

The solarium bar

The solarium bar booze

A toast from a toasted Dawn :)

One of the Jacuzzis in the solarium

Rain on the solarium

It rained but nobody cared!

A helicopter over Miami on the last day

Beautiful Miami

So long Miami, see you next year!

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