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Our cruise to the Eastern Caribbean Oct 23-30, 2004

The most amazing vacation of our lives!  We stopped in Nassau, the Bahamas, Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas, San Juan, Puerto Rico and Labadee, Hispaniola.  Next year we're doing the Western Caribbean!  Click any thumbnail for a larger image.

The Atlantic Ocean side of Labadee, Hispaniola

Amazing beaches

The bay from the Caribbean side

Our ship, tendered in the bay

A longer shot

Navigator of the Seas

The beach in Labadee

Golden sands!

Mahogany trees and Palms

Beautiful blue waters

Fun for everyone

Beaches as far as the eye can see

Labadee was our favorite stop

Hanging out on the beach

Dawn was having fun!

Pretty Dawn

Dawn and Peg

Pretty Peg enjoys the relaxation of Labadee

Jim and Peg with the Atlantic behind us

Fat guy and pretty girl

A panorama of Labadee


Caribbean blue!

The color of the Caribbean is impossible to describe

White caps

Our dining room


Very elegant

What a view!

The view from the dining room

A panorama of the dining room

The lower dining room (panorama)

Betty, Gustavo and Jerry. Gustavo was our waiter and knew our names after the first night!

Betty, Sasha and Jerry. Sasha was our assistant waiter

Betty and Jerry

Great photo of two of my favorite people!

Blair and Dawn on one of the formal nights

Dawn, Blair and the kids

Peg and Jim on one of the formal nights

Wendy is beautiful!

Pretty Frances and Julie

Gustavo always smiles

Gustavo mugs for the camera

Gustavo rocks!

Peg, Gianni and Jim. Gianni was our head waiter

Peg, Gustavo and Jim

Peg, Sasha and Jim

One of my favorite photos of Jerry and Peg

Jim and Gustavo

Peg and Gustavo

Julie and Frances

Mike and April looked so nice!

I love this photo!

This one too!

Sasha waves goodbye after dinner

The dining room staff would sing and dance every night!

Lots of waiters!

Peg outside our favorite watering hole aboard ship, the Two Poets Club

Collette and Opal, our bar buddies!

Doreen (from England) could really rock the place!

Peg and I had a ball!

Us with our friend Tony Nicolosi, an amazing musician and singer. We saw him play nearly every night

Michelle and Tony

Tony does his thing

Guitar master

A panorama of the Two Poets Club

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