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Welcome to Jim and Peg's web site! 

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Update 03/21/2009 8:13 PM MDT: I know, I know. Stop yelling at me. Alec is here! Our latest grandson, Alec Anastasio Novasio was born to Christopher and Trisha on March 9, 2009. He weighed 7 lbs, 13 oz and was 20" long (although I'm sure he's heavier and taller now :)  And he's perfect. Absolutely perfect. That makes three! The photos below are from his first day through day five. We'll keep adding as we go. We love you Alec! And we love you all too!




Update 11/20/2007 4:33 PM MST: Is there anybody out there?  Let's see, ten months since I updated and you're all wondering what the hell?  My apologies.  I kind of took some time off (so to speak) to direct my energies at other projects, not the least of which is the store I manage, Aztec Highway.  Our business has blown up in the last year and it seems like I spend all of my free time writing radio ads and just handling the day-to-day management of the store.  It keeps me plenty busy but I know, ten months?!  Sheesh!  OK, let's see; Thom and Tanya are doing great! They moved to San Francisco recently which is where they've wanted to be for a long time.  Thom drives an nifty new BMW and Tanya just got a Mini Cooper and they're living their dreams.  Peg and I were lucky enough to be able to take Dax with us to visit Uncle Thom and Aunt Tanya last weekend.  We had a ball!  Ate like kings, walked a lot and did all of the usual touristy stuff.  Thanks you guys, we love you! Sean and Sarah are doing OK, and have moved into their own place.  Sean is as wacky as ever and a good kid.  Christopher is doing well, making good money and living in his own place.  That's right.  Peg and I are empty-nesters, and we love it!  Weekend before last, we went to Phoenix and stayed with Stacie and Matt.  I got to see my first NASCAR race!  Oh yeah, that's another thing that I've never mentioned.  I'm an honorary redneck!  Dawn and Blair turned me on to racing a couple years ago and since Dawn works for Home Depot, I started following Tony Stewart and man, this guy can drive the wheels off of anything! He didn't have a great year, but Jimmie Johnson really dominated all year and I'm not surprised that he won it all.  There's always next year! Speaking of Dawn and Blair, they finally made it official and tied the knot.  Congrats you two.  Wendy is doing well but we don't see enough of her.  My family is doing well but, unfortunately I don't see enough of them.  My fault.  I need to learn to do a better job of seeing to the things that really matter and stop letting the daily bullshit tie me up.  I'll try.  We love you all so much.  Thanks for stopping by.  Happy Thanksgiving everybody! We have plenty to be thankful for.  We'll talk to you in September :)  God bless.

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Update 01/14/2007 7:07 PM MST: Happy New Year, Hronia Polla.  Three years ago today, our dear friend, brother and Koumbaro, Ernest "Tasso" Forsman left this earth in search of a better place.  It's almost as hard to believe that he's been gone three years as it is to believe he's gone at all.  As is the custom in the Greek Orthodox church, those who have died are remembered each year on the Sunday closest to the date of their passing.  A special memorial service is performed at the end of the Divine Liturgy where prayers are read remembering our loved ones.  Today was Tasso's three year service and I was honored to sit with his mother Mary and Tasso's Godson, our son Christopher in church today.  After church, we were treated to a great breakfast courtesy of Tasso's brother Vic and it was very nice.  We miss you Tasso, and we love you.  May his memory be eternal.  We wish you all the very best in the coming year.  Peace.

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Update 11/18/2006 2:06 PM MST: Hello again!  Lots of birthdays this month, starting with Dax on November 3, Billy on the 7th (we miss you BG), and Peg on the 13th.  Peg took her sister Wendy to Dax's birthday party and Wendy snapped some photos from the event which can be seen here.  Lots of fun for everybody!  We threw a nice party for Peg's birthday and tons of friends and relatives came to celebrate her 55th.  We had a blast!  Photos from Peg's party will be posted as soon as I replace the batteries in my digital camera and offload them (lazy old man).  Wendy has gone back to Arizona but, if everything goes right, she'll be back to stay some time in February.  While here, she got her Utah real estate certification and when she returns she'll be able to put that baby to use.  Good on ya Wee!  We love you!  Lots of other stuff going on but not enough time to go into it right now... maybe in a future post.  'Til then, take care y'all!

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Update 10/28/2006 11:48 AM MDT: Greetings! Happy 50th Birthday to our dear sister Shad! Shad's birthday was on Wednesday, October 25th and Peg and I met Shad, Steve, Jaden and Jesse at Red Lobster for a yummy dinner.  We had a blast! Shad is as beautiful as ever and it was our honor to be with her on this special day.  The 25th is also Tasso's birthday, so we toasted him and remembered our dear friend.  He would have been 48.  We miss you Tas! Check out the photos here.  Peg and I are happy to have some new/old friends in our lives.  I went to school with a wonderful girl named Jody Gianchetta (Hill), who was our high school senior class secretary.  Both Jody and I had the honor of being part of our 30th high school reunion committee and worked together closely to help put the whole thing together.  Jody did an incredible amount of work to help ensure that the reunion was a success and it was.  Following the reunion, we stayed in touch and have since gotten together to do a postcard mailing to our class.  Jody and her husband Kevin came over to our house and we had a nice spaghetti dinner, drank some wine, addressed postcards and hung out.  Kevin is a helluva guy and we are thrilled to have them as friends.  We plan to get together often and we are thankful to have them in our lives.  We love you two!  Click on the thumbnail for a larger image of the four of us.  Well, that's all for now. See you next time.

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Update 10/04/2006 10:15 AM MDT: Hi everyone!  We haven't posted in a long time, it has been a busy Summer! I'll catch you up in a later post but for now, we're excited to announce that Sean has found his dream girl (Sarah) and they eloped and got married.  Well, sort of eloped (they went and tied the knot on their lunch hour!).  Click on the thumbnail photos for a larger image.  Sarah is a beautiful, intelligent and funny spirit and we welcome her into our family with open arms.  As an added bonus, she's one helluva cook! Sean is happier than he's been in a long, long time and it's nice to see him get a new start and the opportunity to begin a new life with a new wife.  Congrats to you two and we love you! Sean flew to Chicago last weekend and helped his brother Thom move to San Francisco where Thom has a new job.  Thom and Tanya are going to live in the bay area now, which has been a lifelong dream of Thom's and we are very happy for them.  Congratulations on the new job Thom and we sure love you guys.  We hope to visit you in NoCal soon!  Tons of other stuff is going on and, as I said earlier, we'll update asap. Lots of good news, that's the way we like it!  Until next time...

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Update 07/17/2006 11:41 AM MDT: We are thrilled to announce that Dax has a new little brother! Jake came into the world on June 14 and Mom (Aimee), Dad (Dan) and baby are doing fine.  Dax just adores his new brother and he is very proud of him.  Congratulations Aimee and Dan! We put together a little slideshow of Aim, Dax and Jake which can be seen here.  Click the "View PhotoShow Deluxe Slideshow" link at the bottom of the page for an animated slideshow with music.  All our love to the whole Marshall family and God bless.

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Update 06/26/2006 10:35 AM MDT: Hello all! What a busy weekend it was.  Thom and Tanya came from Chicago and Grandpa Bill came from Virginia to visit Billy's grave and spend a little time with family.  We all went to Tres Hombres for lunch on Saturday (Thanks Bill!) and, although Thom and Tanya's visit was short, it was great to hang out with them for a little while.  Thom and Tanya plan to move to Northern California in a few months and we couldn't be happier, as it will be a lot easier to visit them there than in Chicago.  We've added some new photos to the Photo Gallery so feel free to take a peek.  'Til next time...

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Update 06/17/2006 12:37 PM MDT: We are thrilled to announce that our dear friends Chris and Jill have had a new baby boy!  TJ came into the world on June 7 and Peg and I went to visit him the other day.  What an adorable kid!  We are so excited for them!  Click on the thumbnails for a larger image.  This is Chris' third child and Jill's second and now they have a matched set (two girls; Chelsey and Jordan and two boys; Christopher and TJ).  Welcome to the world TJ and congratulations to the rest of the family!  We love you guys!

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Update 05/30/2006 07:03 PM MDT: Hello! Welcome back.  Well, Memorial Day weekend has passed and frankly, we're glad it's over.  Not that we have anything against a great American holiday, but when that holiday falls on the shittiest weekend we've had in many weeks, it kind of sucks.  Temps here dropped from ninety-one degrees Friday to forty-one degrees by Saturday morning.  And it rained.  A lot.  All day Saturday and most of the day Sunday (the sun finally came out, just as it went down).  Monday started out nicely.  Then it got windy and cold.  Did this stop us from barbequing?  Not on your life sport.  Barbecued our asses off.  Thanks Dawn, for the great steaks Saturday night and the great company.  Thanks Chef Rodney for cooking those steaks.  Other than the weather, it was pretty nice, so I'll stop whining.  Sunday was our Godson Jonathon's birthday party and we plan to post some photos on the site real soon so check back.  He's eight years old already.  Where does the time go?  Sweet sister Shad, thank-you so much for the gift cheque.  What a sweet gesture, we can sure use a night out right about now.  Let's go camping!  Seriously!  I love you sis.  You too Rob and Orleen.  The camping and the love you part.  And Stevie.  Great to see you, Jaden and Jesse.  Thanks for the note Janell, we love you guys.  Thom and Tanya, come home soon.  We miss you.  Congrats to Sean on your new job! Bravo! Greetings to Bill and Norah.  I'll get the photos of Dax and Nick to you, I haven't forgotten, I'm just scatter-brained.  Take care y'all. 

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Update 05/10/2006 11:59 AM MDT: Greetings boys and girls.  Long time no see.  Sorry, my bad.  We've finally added some new photos to the photo gallery so feel free to check those out.  Stacie and Matt came to visit at the end of March and stayed with us for a few days.  It was so much fun!  The only bad thing about it was that they had to leave so soon.  We had a blast, thanks you guys!  The weather here is finally warming up, and we should be in the 80's this week.  Nothing like Salt Lake in the Springtime!  Not much else to say for now.  We'll talk to you soon.

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Update 03/13/2006 08:49 PM MST: Exhale...It has been a year, 365 days, spring, summer, fall, winter, and then spring again.  He is gone but he is not forgotten.  I wonder where he is, what he is doing.  I know he is in a better place and free of his pain.  He left us in ours.  The last year has been quick.  I can't believe it is here already.  I know the rest of the world has moved on but I still feel him here with me.  God took my angel baby away and I have been so angry.  Why?  I will never know that,  at least not while I am here and I know only leaving this world will I understand.  For the last year I have meant to write and thank all of you for your wonderful letters  and e-mails that got me through his passing, but days turned into weeks and as you know it is a year, it is late but I need to let you all know how much your words meant to all of us.  I know by reading them all that Billy touched so many people and that helps.  His life meant something.  There are so many of you that took time out of your life to tell us what Billy meant to you.  Thank You.  Walter, Evil, Apache, all of you were just wonderful.  Thanks Walter the head stone is awesome.  It is totally Billy.  I am sure he looks down on it and grins that dimpled grin I loved so much.  Tomorrow we will all go to his grave, light a candle and drink a toast to an amazing man.

His beautiful Dax is 8 and so much like Billy.  There is no other way to describe him.  He is just totally full of....himself.  He is going to have a new little brother in June.  I am sure Billy hand picked this baby just for him.  He always wanted Dax to have a sibling.  Aimee has been an angel and brings Dax over as much as possible.  She has a really great husband that we all love named Dan.  He has two beautiful daughters so Dax has two sisters and soon will have a brother. 

Kasey, thank you for being there for me.  You have been totally wonderful.  You are the one that will always be special to me.  Thanks. 

My sister Dawn,  What can I say.  I would have never made this last year without you.  I don't know how I got you for a sister but Thank God I did.  Every Sunday Dawn, Jim and I go to visit Billy's grave and then head for whatever restaurant and eat and drink and remember Billy.  

Jim, my wonderful husband and Billy's step-dad has kept me centered or at least tried, not always successfully, but the best he could, and again without him, well it just wouldn't have worked.  Thanks for loving me and my Billy.  I truly am a lucky woman. 

To all of you that loved Billy, his cat can still eat a whole watermelon..

God bless all of you and may your lives be filled with joy. Billy would want it that way.


aka; Momma Spice

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Update 02/11/2006 11:14 AM MST: Greetings! After having been scolded by Janell, I figured I'd better get a new post on the site :).  First off, Walter "|2|" Costinak, Billy's longtime friend and the father of Harry McBlink (who adorns Billy's headstone and Christopher's back) has informed us that, due to health issues, he has decided to auction off the coolest techie domain name on the internet, (which is leet speak for GEEK).  Is that cool or what?  If you're interested in making a bid for this ultra-unique domain, click here.  Much love and best wishes to Walter and his family in this difficult time.  The end of last year and the beginning of this year have been busy and promising for the Novasio clan.  In addition to Jerry and Betty's visit in January, we were lucky enough to have Peg's little sister Wendy here over the Christmas holidays.  Wendy is Rodney's Mom and she got to spend some time here with Rodney and Rodney's kids.  They sure do love their Grandma, and we do too.  Thanks Wen for your visit and we hope to see you again soon.  Real soon.  Damnit.  We have a bunch of new photos from Christmas and after which we'll get posted in the photo gallery as soon as possible (yeah, I know, you've heard that before huh Janell?).  Nicholas and Dax continue to grow like weeds and Dax is playing some awesome hockey right now.  Peg and I got to watch him play a few weeks ago and man, that was sweet.  What a stud!  We know his Daddy's very proud.  We were just informed that Matt and Stacie are coming to Salt Lake City in March and we're excited to hang out with them.  We just hope they can keep up with us ;).  Spring is just around the corner and we are looking forward to it with just a touch of apprehension because March 14 is the one year anniversary of Billy's death.  When we feel the warm sun on our faces and smell the cherry blossoms, we'll be reminded not of his death, but of his life.  We love you BG, and we know we'll see you again.  Well, this post certainly proves that I am indeed the King Of The Hyperlink.  I don't think that's necessarily a good thing.  Take care everyone and God bless.



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Update 01/18/2006 05:17 PM MST: Hronia Polla!  Happy New Year to all and welcome back to our own little corner of the 'net.  Gosh, I can hardly believe it's been over three weeks since our last post.  It has certainly been a busy time around our house, what with Christmas, the New Year and a visit from Jerry and Betty.  They journeyed from Arizona and spent last Thursday through Monday with us and we had a ball!  We went downtown and hit The Gateway which is a really cool open air shopping center.  Later that day, it was off to Wendover (or as us folks in Utah call it; "Bendover") for an overnight stay and a little gambling.  We ate a lot of fatty food, I drank a lot of Sam Adams beer and we all laughed a lot.  Thanks Jer and Bert.  We love you guys.  Christopher has chosen to honor his brother Billy in a pretty extreme way.  He went under the tattoo needle for 7 hours and had a really bitchin' tat done on his back.  You can view the carnage here, but if a recently applied tattoo photo is offensive to you, don't click the link.  Wimp.  That's a copy of Billy's real signature at the top and a GIANT McBlink.  Way cool.  That's all for now.  May God bless all of you in this New Year, and may His Peace be with you.

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